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Updated my Patreon · 8:01am Mar 21st, 2017

I updated my patreon account and made it look a bit nicer and not so... noobish.

And I'm thinking I'm gonna be needing this to help me survive in the coming months. Things are looking kinda bleak, but alas, I'll survive.

But hey, if you guys like my work, and wanna help support me and grow as a writer, considering checking out my patreon!


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Support Our Stories!! · 6:38am May 13th, 2018

Hi everypony, me again, but not with another book update. This time I'm here to politely ask for all of my followers to help the cause by doing what we can to help keep our favorite site open and running for all of us to enjoy. I was assuming that the surveys from earlier were at least partly due to a lack of funding for the site, and honestly, the thought of losing the ability to share and read so many amazing stories, terrifies me. This is a wonderful place for writers and fans of the show

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It Seems Like Everyone's Ignoring Me · 8:25pm Dec 7th, 2016

I'm not asking yall to mindlessly give me money. I'm a asking as a content creator you like to support me. I can't stress this enough that I cannot write if I'm not making money and I cannot make money if I don't write. I've said this before. There are authors on here with the same amount of stories and the same amount of followers as me who are making 300 bucks a post a month on patreon. All I have is two patreons and make fifty dollars. that is not enough.

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Patreon Account · 5:22am Mar 30th, 2018

Hello everybrony, I have a patreon account now, so if you enjoy my books please consider pledging to me, you have no idea how happy it'd make me to see you on my pledgers list. Also if you do pledge, you will get some perks too. For more information take a look at my profile on Patreon.

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Pink Alicorn Blues Progress Report #3 · 3:53pm Jul 12th, 2018

(pointy pony pic art by Hail King Sombra)

Ah poor Kingsley. You come over to Shining Armor's bro pad for a night of Ogres and Oubliettes and how does the new Prince of the Crystal Empire greet you?

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