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New Writing Montly Contest Group · 9:40pm Feb 16th, 2017

So this is by Classy Maud Pie

And it actually gives cash (the one I admin right now, I don't know what it does)

Anyhow here's the link and please go support the group if you want to.

Classy Montly Contests


New Discord Server for My Group · 3:41pm Feb 17th, 2017

Hey there if you're part of (or even not of) my Mr Allan's Collection Group then please come join me at the link down below.

It's just a place to talk to me or whatever you really want I guess.

Allan's Collection Discord Server

(I will be available to talk at 4-7PM AZ time today.)


At Long Last, Hello · 8:09pm Aug 4th, 2015

Hallo there! How are you all doing? How's your summer (or winter, in the case of anyone in the southern hemisphere) going? So, I have a few things to mention here, many of which are long overdue, plus BronyCon. This is probably important (I think. I'm never sure about these things) so you might want to read it through. (But you don't have too! Just please say hi or whatever cause I really miss you all and it'd be nice to chat or whatever. I'm also free for PMing and stuff, even though I don't

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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