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Uff... I overastimated myself · 10:29pm Jul 18th, 2019

Heya folks...
I know that I had some time since my last chapter and since the last time I posted a blog post...
but... things didn't go as well as I would have liked them.

I was temporally ill, I am in the middle of moving to my new apartment and I generally disliked the flow of the new chapter...

I re-did it...

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For when the sleeper wakes... · 10:52pm Sep 29th, 2019

The next chapter of my story "A Spark for Eternity" is done, as you may already know, but due to a few real-life problems, time and schedule stress and so on and so forth, I have to sadly state now, that the release of the next chapter will have to be postponed for this week.
I know, I semi promised it... and I can assure you my proofreader and I are working to out fullest capacity. But we simply need a bit more time than initially thought.

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Finally · 3:34pm Apr 24th, 2020

Okay...after many setbacks and many times me being not happy with what I wrote, I finally sent my proofreader the current chapter.
And despite what I wanted, I cut it in 2 Parts... as both a 30k chapter will not be nice to read and the second part of the chapter is still under heavy development.
Well... as soon as we are done with working over the chapter to make it presentable, you will have the first part now!
Stay save!

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3/5 Its nearly done! · 10:03pm May 3rd, 2019

Hey Folks... I have gotten 3/5 of my finals done...
once they are through... I will concentrate more on my story...
what will not mean you will have to wait the next 6 weeks for my next chapter ^^... the new one is nearly done and will soon just have to be edited... its quite long already (with 14k words and probably more to come... *squee* sorry)

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Which story should I update next · 4:53pm Oct 16th, 2018

Okay so between the three stories I put out so far that are incomplete which one should I work on next. I'm having a tough time deciding so I'd like my audience to tell me what they want to see from me next. Please vote Down Below on this post.


Next Chapter done · 6:41am Sep 19th, 2019

Hey folks... this will be brief... I just wanted to inform you, the next chapter is done...
My proofreader and I shall begin to work on it as soon as possible and if we are quick and efficient... you should be able to enjoy the next chapter already at the end of the weekend.

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Next chapter in its making. · 12:48pm Jan 5th, 2020

While I know I have said that I will get to it over the holidays, my holidays have been spent in family, and a bit in gaming *blushes*.
I will get to the next chapter shortly, as I have it already 1/2 finished.
Now that my university starts back up again, I will most likely have a few hours of downtime every once in a while in which I have to unwind, where I will then write ^^.

So... the next chapter is on its way.

o/ Stay tuned!

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Why there inst anything comming · 3:17pm Mar 25th, 2020

Hi guys,

I know I have promised that I publish a new chapter soon, and I will stand by it, though since my last promise and my current one is almost a month gone by.
Well... things have not been very good lately, I've gotten sick and was out for a bit. Spend a week or so in the hospital, no not COVID-19, I had whats in German Called "Noro Virus" if I am correct... well... anyway I am back now, passed all my tests and report back once again...

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okay... finally · 10:30am Jul 26th, 2019

Okey... I think I have caught the gist of it...
The next chapter is now well on its way. After numerous issues with terms, how to say what and when as well as the general flow of the chapter. I think I have now worked to a point of no return with which I am very happy.

If I can keep up the work speed, and not get distracted further... *guilds and friends scream in the background*... I should be able to have it proofread soon.

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Soon... · 2:28pm Nov 3rd, 2016

The next Mente Materia chapter has just been sent off to my prereaders and editors. Hoping to publish by the weekend! After that I'll be hammering out the first chapter for each of my other little ideas I mentioned in my previous blog so folks can see if they want to change their vote for my next little side project.

Anywho, talk to you later!

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A New Destiny, Chapter Four · 4:58am Oct 28th, 2016

Another Chapter has been released today guys, it took me quite awhile to make it, but I think I did good with it. Plot is moving smoothly and so far I've done good with my grammar.

So yeah it's doing really good now:pinkiehappy:

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Still Next Chapter · 10:51pm Apr 21st, 2019

Just letting you know... I didn't die as up jet... I still plan on releasing the new chapter this month, but I can't promise it... its already over 10k words... and then we have to proofread it... in other words, I humbly ask for your patience and promise that I will do as fast as I can...

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Happy Late Christmas Everyone :D · 1:38am Dec 27th, 2019

Happy Christmas everyone, and yes... I know... I am too late... still ^^ it is not just jet new Year ^^

Now that the stress of the Christmas Festivities is over, I will get back to my story and finish the chapter.
Stay tuned!

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Story and Chapter are under developement · 10:06pm Aug 31st, 2019

Just letting you know, my proofreader and I have found a bit of time to work on the chapter... its nearly done and when we get lucky and don't strike a too heavy conversation tomorrow. We will get it done this week, if not next.

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Flue · 8:17pm Feb 10th, 2019

I am sorry I have to delay the next chapter again, it's not the fault of my proofreader this time (this is not supposed to mean that I blame him for anything...!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS A GOOD MAN!!! A REALLY GOOD MAN!), it's my own...
I came down with the flue and where unable to work together with my proofreader to make progress on our story...

I am sorry

As soon as I am back up again, I will work on the story to get to the new chapter...

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Oops. · 11:53am Oct 3rd, 2015

Well, I broke SOMETHING, I'm just not too sure what.

Anyway, I'll get to the next chapter once I stop trying to get to the next chapter.


Overhauling the chapter · 10:55pm Apr 12th, 2020

Okay, the new chapter, after some (much) more complications I had been faced with than I had anticipated, is now in the process of being fine-tuned by me.
I think I will be able to finish it over the course of the week and will be able to send it to my proofreader then.
So... I am still alive, battered, bruised, working and studying, but alive :)

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Okay, chapter done · 8:20pm Aug 2nd, 2019

Ok ^^ the next chapter is done.
It now is undergoing the process of proofreading, but this may take a little longer than usual
This weekend I am still furnishing my new apartment and after that, I spend half a week away from home.

If everything is going along nicely and the furnishing, building, and moving goes through without a hitch, then I think I may find time the next weekend to oversee the progress of proofreading and work together with my friend to finalize the chapter.

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Next Chapter is on the way! · 10:00pm Mar 21st, 2019

Hey, I just thought I keep you informed...

I have finished writing the next chapter, and I have asked my proofreader to go over it... we will discuss it over the course of the weekend and if possible publish.

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Inconvinience · 4:37pm Aug 14th, 2019

Due to some inconveniences with my proofreader, the publishment of the next chapter will not be possible this week.

I know you have waited long now, and due to that you will have to wait a little longer, but when he or I have no time... then we simply have none...
I am currently mid-move to my new apartment, which is now 1/2 furnished, and he has some other private business which hinders him.

So while the next chapter is finished, you will still have to wait to see it.

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