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New Age finale... · 12:01pm Mar 22nd, 2018

...this Sunday.

Oh, and Harmony is on the hit list today.

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Enya, the epitome of timeless and irreplaceable New Age · 3:20am Oct 17th, 2019


The Gate has been closed... but it's not the only one. · 5:34am January 27th

I kinda hate to do this, but... The Gate has been cancelled.

TThe Gate
After a portal is opened between worlds, a series of letter-bearing owls passes through it. What could possibly go wrong?
computerneek · 159k words  ·  204  28 · 2.5k views

The story of a large number of ponies going to Hogwarts, ignoring numerous signs they should have seen... and dominating the wizards. It's actually a halfway decent read, towards the end- when I started getting halfway okay at character development and that.

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Site Post » SaddlesoapOpera's "A New Age" [Royal Canterlot Library] · 12:45pm Dec 2nd, 2016

Today's story lets us hear some voices from Equestria's past.

A New Age
[Dark] [Drama] • 14,963 words

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Crystal Power: What you can and can’t do with crystals · 1:44pm Apr 3rd, 2016

Some years ago, as a young physics undergraduate, I knew a sociology student who would come along to a group I would hang out with, accompanied by her extremely cute four-year-old daughter. She was as friendly and talkative as Pinkie Pie—the sociology student, not her little girl, who was too shy to talk and would hide behind a chair if anyone spoke to her—and would talk at great length, to anyone who would listen, about the failings of the social care system, the leadership battles within the

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Major Music Project · 4:17am May 24th, 2015

It has been a while since I have updated my journal so I thought I would let everyone know that I am working on a major music project right now. I am excited because I am getting my songs officially produced.

If you want to check out my music and support the project, you can follow the links below.

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Check Out My YouTube Music Channel · 1:29pm May 24th, 2016

Check Out My YouTube Music Channel

Hello everyone! I just thought I would share my YouTube music channel for anyone who would like to listen to some of the original songs I have written.

I am the one singing in the videos, since a lot of people have asked that, just to clarify things.

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Tarot Using Regular Modern Playing Cards · 2:11am May 29th, 2017

Tarot Using Regular Modern Playing Cards

I've always thought that learning about divination techniques was interesting (from a historical perspective). I don't necessarily believe that they really tell the future or anything. But I do think they are neat to learn about, especially in the context they were traditionally used.

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