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How can a man be so evil... · 7:40pm Jun 12th, 2016

A man went into a Gay Nightclub... Now 50 people lay dead, 53 laying in hospitals...
50 men won't be going to work... 50 men's families will be without their son's, their brothers, their cousins, nephews, their husbands... lovers...

I... I just don't know... I don't normally pray but my thoughts are with these men...


So I just heard about the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida · 5:16am Jun 13th, 2016

This is just awful. I don't even want to get into debates over the shooter or the reasons why he did it or the political motivation or any of that bullshit. I just want to take some time and come to terms with this.

I can't even make a joke about any of this. All I can do is relish in this wonderful tweet:

Be safe and take care of those close to you, everyone.


Mass Shooting Threat · 9:54pm April 22nd

Someone made a call yesterday and said they were gonna shoot up either the mall, shopping center or other public places.

As if the pandemic wasn't enough!!


ΛSK░MΞ░ΛNYTHING! · 11:20pm Oct 27th, 2018

I haven't done an AMA in a while. This blog is meant to rectify that. Go on and ask me something in the comments! However many questions you want, I guess. I don't care. Though, don't ask me about story updates. Those are in progress! Please don't ask me to spoil my stories either. If there's some sort of lore that you're interested in that is a spoiler you really wanna know about, PM me.

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results