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Sometimes I think there is a higher power out there, and it just likes fucking with me. · 7:41am Jan 14th, 2016

There's a tumblr comic out there, now with a book out, called Deep Dark Fears.

As an agnostic, there are times I want to submit the following:

"Sometimes I worry that the troubles in my life are because: there really is a God... I'm totally going against His plan.... and He's being super passive-aggressive about it."

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Report Rinnaul · 192 views · #lottery #luck

Follower Appreciation Day Story Post · 5:04pm March 12th

If you remember this blog (, then I have good news for you. The story for the lucky lottery winner has been posted!

If you don't remember that blog post, well... still good news for you! I've posted a new story AND it's in the Past Sins AU.

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Follower Appreciation - Request Lottery Story (#2 - 2020) · 11:08pm May 11th

Remember that thing I did back on Valentine's Day? Well, I'm doing it again! I've been floundering on keeping momentum on the longer story I've been working on for the past few months, and so I want to kick myself in the rear with a smaller project.

So once more, I'm doing a Request Lottery. The rules are as follow:

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Call Dr,Candova the best spell caster now +2347030393888 · 4:10pm Jul 17th, 2015


Holy Shit Fuck Okay I Guess We Made it Jesus I'm Going to Bronycon · 5:47pm Jul 5th, 2018


Read It Later Reviews #35 – Luna’s Lottery Lunacy, Fractured Sunlight, The Lost Place, Monsters, Trial by Flower · 10:20pm Oct 30th, 2015

I always feel as though I waste far too much of my time on frivolous things – primarily, watching the news. I think, this weekend, I will try to avoid the news – try to avoid stupid, frivolous, wasteful things, and actually try and do things that make me feel good in the long term, instead of fritter away my time.

We’ll see if I can succeed.

Today’s stories:

Luna’s Lottery Lunacy by Estee
Fractured Sunlight by Oroboro
The Lost Place by Martian

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Viewing 1 - 6 of 6 results
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