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October Pains, October Plans · 6:33pm Oct 11th, 2021

So, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last time I posted a blog here, things weren’t so hot in my life. And frankly, they’re not getting much better. My mother’s cancer has likely spread to other parts of her abdomen, my father got conned out of $5,000, I’m stuck at a fast food job I hate, the jobs I want that can actually pay a livable wage are not showing up, the one decent job I have a good chance at probably isn't going to tell me if I’m accepted until mid-November if I'm even accepted at

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November Plans and Updates · 11:50pm Nov 13th, 2020

So we’re almost halfway through the month, and I’ve suddenly gained a desire to make some plans for the remainder of November. Most of them involve polishing up some stories and writing some blogs I’ve always been meaning to over the past year. Normally, I would’ve partaken in National Pony Writing Month like I have in other years, but unfortunately Equestria Daily wasn’t overseeing it this year. I could do my own version, but I found myself wanting to focus on my own work and squaring away

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