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Random Game Review: Katawa Shoujo · 10:33pm Oct 10th, 2013

I stumbled upon this little gem while browsing TVTropes, and when I mentioned it in the irc channel of The Writer's Group later, someone there told me they'd actually recommended it there in the channel too. Anyway, apparently, the game was made by a bunch of enthusiasts on 4chan's Anime & Manga channel (/a/) who somewhat coincidentally ended up making a serious project out of a silly image from an artist who probably meant it as a rather crude

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Katawa Ponies · 3:46am Jul 1st, 2015

After the featured box had, back to back, a story about Dante adopting a tiny Applejack followed immediately by one about Elsa adopting Snowdrop, a friend and I started talking about the only reasonable next step: having a Katawa Shoujo girl adopt a pony.

Shizune (deaf mute) and Vinyl Scratch (mute)?

Emi (fastest thing on no legs) and Scootaloo (pegasus with defective wings)?

Misha (insufferable pink haired autist) and Pinkie Pie?

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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