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Brony; and proud. · 4:50am May 18th, 2016

So, anyone who's spoken to me about these things, or read my page, knows that I was never really an outgoing brony. I kept to myself, lurking in the fandom and not really coming out of the pony-closet, or whatever it's called.

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How I Got My Husband Into MLP (And How I Did Too) · 4:15am Jan 19th, 2016

So in 2011 I was married, and before I knew it I had moved clear across the country to a completely strange and alien place. I had no friends or family there. Jobs were scarce. I was having a hard time transitioning to say the least.

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I'm briefly climbing my campaign horse · 5:58pm Jun 26th, 2015

America just made it legal for homosexuals to join us married plebs in our misery. Hooray!

But why stop there?

Pictured: More than two

This is not a joke post, I am in fact serious. Relationships of this nature do exist and I do feel they should be recognised. I mean, why not? It's only fair.

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