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AppleDash Contest #4 - Closed! · 8:18am Jan 16th, 2016

The contest is now closed!

Judges will now get organized and begin reading entries. This might take a while, as there were a lot of you participating this time around. Most entries in any AppleDash contest, I think!

I expect us to be done in one to two weeks, so look for results around then!

If you still have a question, feel free to PM the judges.


Apology and Announcement · 10:33pm Jun 12th, 2018

Hello everybody...

I wanted to apologize for posting the last two chapters in such crappy conditions... Due to my finals starting tomorrow, I had very little time to finish the chapters and publish them, and I really wanted to have them out before my finals arrived...

Thankfully, my good friend was quick and helped me fix them. They should be taken care of by the time of this posting! :twilightsheepish:

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I'm on a roll. · 1:59pm Nov 16th, 2015

...Or maybe I'm just running myself into the ground.
(have you guys even see that drawing I did a month or two ago...?)
Anyway, I finished a second chapter. So to "celebrate", here's free access to a snippet of what I have in store for the world this fic takes place in.


Update on Last Star Wars/MLP: The Movie story. · 8:03am Dec 20th, 2019

Hey guys!

Wanted to give you all an update on the subject of the final story of the Star Wars/MLP: The Movie series. I won't be mentioning any names, but one or two people have been complaining about when it is going to come out. I will say that I do plan on making it, but I'm side-tracked with other things like creating videos for my YouTube channel, voice acting, and being sort of co-writer to a couple of stories.

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I'm Back! Tale of the Second Alpha is back on. For now. · 4:29am Nov 29th, 2021

Really, I never left, I just stopped writing. Both because due to my job cutting into my time, even during Covid I still worked, and me simply no longer being interested in writing the story following what caused me to leave the fandom in the first place. Something which I won't go into here. I still don't consider myself a brony anymore, I stopped watching the show the Season 7 premiere and never watched it again, but I do still engage in some pony content from time to time. Either it being

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Death of the Fandom · 3:56am Jul 4th, 2020

I just encountered how Titanium Dragon has been smeared by the hard-core socialists on this site, and just reading through it is making me physically ill. The people slandering him aren't just random people; they're popular authors and community members, some of whom have written stories that I very much like... yet they're acting nothing like the values that their stories promote. They've called him everything from a homophobe to a racist, literally using witch-hunting tactics like "I didn't

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Celestia in the MLP Movie · 8:05pm Aug 1st, 2017


"Hearth's Warming By The Numbers": The Title, 001's Inner Voice, and 002's "Science" · 4:34am Jan 3rd, 2019

As a follow-up to my most recent story, I thought I'd expand a bit on some aspects of the story that folks have been asking about. Join me after the break, won't you? :pinkiesmile:

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