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I've been having some breathing issues. · 3:25am Dec 12th, 2017

Being sick might be causing more issues then I thought... I've been having breathing issues, no matter what I try I can't seem to get my breathing under control and I'm at a lost, this sickness has become more concerning, now if it's not better by tomorrow I'm going to probably go see a doctor. Like it feels like there's something in my throat and no matter what kinda cough medicine I take I can't get it to go away, at this point I've tried everything

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Sorry, no BronyCon Highlight today... · 11:43pm Aug 26th, 2018

To the handful of people who actually follow me (thank all of you who do), I'm sorry, but there will be no Highlight blog today. Things have come up, and I do not really have the time to write this time. With any luck, the post that I had intended for today will be up next Sunday 9/2/2018. In the meanwhile, though, if any of you have been to BronyCon or know someone who has been there, why not drop a comment here on on my DeviantArt page? The comment sections are quite empty, and the reason

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Won't be able to write for a while · 3:49am Jun 24th, 2018

I got to four thousand words. But we have no internet connection for the next few days due to that our firewall got hacked at some point and we just found that out and now we don't know if our information for everything got stolen. Probably likely due to the internet. If so I don't know what that might mean. And if it somehow happened cause I clicked or did something on my computer well theres going to be a lot of issues there. So in effect I want to write but I can't I don't know when I'm

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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