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Delayed introduction · 10:30am Jan 26th, 2016

Yes you clicked this, hi. I probably should have done this a long time ago but since I'm gonna take this seriously, I'll pause my Bon Jovi playlist on loop and introduce myself.

I am Darth Pinkie, obviously. I do mostly crossovers and I have an upcoming story that will be WWII based, as I am an avid war studier. To anyone who actually thought I left, as Fluttershy would say it "I'm sorry":fluttershbad:

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How to have fun doing your chores · 7:44pm Jul 9th, 2017

Step 1:
Find every single track from Persona 5 and put them in a playlist.

Step 2:

Step 3:
Start dancing and forget to do your chores.


I wrote a serious thing · 7:34pm Jul 26th, 2016

...Huh. Haven't done that in a while.

Go check it out or something I guess

One Can Only Wonder

Twilight Sparkle sees things for what they truly are.


Spoopy Skeletons!! · 5:59pm Oct 8th, 2015

But, where's the link?? Hope you can find it! But you never will. I promise.


Signs that you may be on this site too much · 10:43pm Jun 28th, 2016

1) You call the genre tags 'skittle labels' or gods forbid 'flavors'
2) You have tried to hug an author at least once
3) You are entirely sure you have judged a single piece of cover art more than you judge your own family
4) Sleep is for the weak but you take this to new extremes
5) You have become so desperate for green thumbs that you will disregard human life and mulititate gardeners in the name of writing trophies
6) You make these lists

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On Wander · 6:48pm Aug 7th, 2019

I could start this blog with a long, rambling monologue about what lead to the state of Not All Who Wander Are Lost. Its odd birth, its unfortunate comatose state, long detailed explanations why the fic essentially died so long ago. I'm not going to waste all of your time with that. If you have questions, I'll try to answer them in the comments, but that's not the point of this blog. Instead, I'm going to keep this brief and give the basic information. After all, for many of you who have read

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You won't see my trash for a week. · 10:42pm Jul 15th, 2016

As much as I wanted to keep my blog posts at 69, I felt the need to say this. I'm volunteering as a counselor at a Jesus camp even though I'm a dyke who's never held a Bible in her life. Hopefully , there won't be too much drama since this crazy bitch is coming after she learned that I applied. :twilightangry2: I really hope that this camp kills my sex drive. Lately, I've been too horny for my own good. :pinkiesad2:

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