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Announcement. · 6:50pm Jan 21st, 2019

Hi, everyone. Sorry about the sudden bomb drop I'm DreamOnForward. You see Dreamer feels awful that they can't edit stories properly so I'm taking over for now. At least until they get back from the trip, this is just temporary for a few weeks okay! And good news their cousin isn't seriously I'll, it's just a fever that won't let up. Afraid I can't go into more detail than that so please reframe from asking, I respect Dreamer's Privacy.


Health Updates · 3:09am Dec 17th, 2017

Good news! I'm neither dead nor dying!

And that's the end of the good news segment!

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Q&A (50 Follower Special) - Ask me anything! · 7:39pm Apr 11th, 2017

Again, thank you guys so much for everything. The least I could do is answer your questions! This will go on for eight-ish hours, possibly more depending on how awake I am, considering I went to sleep at dawn yesterday today.

Cuteness Overload! will go out in a few hours, you can still suggest ships since I only have five. I'll be putting lots of normal ships too, but more of those that you guys request.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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