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My Movie Review on Mrs. Doubtfire · 11:22pm May 11th, 2019

Yo, what’s up everybody?

This is your friendly movie and tv show reviewer tuning in once again.

And today, I’ll be making a review on Robin Williams’s “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

(Fun Fact: I’ve been wanting to review this movie since around the very beginning of my reviewing career. However, I had trouble figuring out what to say about it, so I had to watch it more than once. And now, after seeing it again recently, I’m finally ready to make my review of this film.)

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My Movie Review on Independence Day (1996) · 4:38pm Jul 25th, 2019

Yo, what's up, Dudes?

This is your friendly film and TV show reporter back in the house.

And today, I'll be reviewing "Independence Day (1996)".

Here's the summary of this film:

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My Movie Review on Animal Crackers (2020) (Plus, a Bonus) · 5:00pm May 23rd

Yo, what's up, Kemosabes?

This is your friendly film, TV show, and episode reporter here with another review.

Today, for my 270th film analysis, I'm gonna give you guys my take of "Animal Crackers". The animated film that was distributed by Netflix after three years of being delayed, to be exact.

Here's the rundown of this tale:

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results