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Paul's Thursday Reviews CVII · 9:57pm Mar 8th, 2018

And we’re back with another round. I’ll have to keep it short today, folks, as I’ve got almost 50k words to read (it’s a workaholic week), a car in the shop that needs picking up (my poor wallet! But the rental's sweet), 2,000 words to write (at minimum), my day job (writing about boring things so I can write about interesting things later), and a need to make a big meal so that the leftovers will last me every lunch for the next week (because it’s cheaper than buying six or seven small meals).

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the life story and rant you don't have time to read · 1:03am Aug 21st, 2015

I didn't get very good sleep last night, as I'm sure like at most 15 of you guys knew. I'm very tired, but not just cause I didn't sleep well. I'm tired of myself. I'm tired of reliving the same cycle every single day. Idk how long this rant will be, but if you don't have time to read what I have to say then don't bother clicking to read more. Move on or whatever, because I believe I'm about to sum up the past 3 years of what I've been doing.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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