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I guess maybe it's time did something... · 12:50am Oct 5th, 2019

For all of those who have read my Harem Boy series, I will have to go out on a limb and say that, despite your love or hate on it, it has hit the final wall at this point. I know I was unable to finish it, but it occurred to me, someone's gonna hate on it, even though some of you people love it or not. So many ideas for a clopfic series has been in my head, but I figured that I should pause and finish something worthwhile... If you have any opinions on what you want to say about Harem Boy, just

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A chance to edit my intro... · 1:52pm Nov 17th, 2017

I know it's been a crazy ass year for me, and you guys have not been expecting this, but...

It's been a while since I first started Harem Boy, my intro has not been much attracting to most readers. Therefore, I am giving you guys, any good writers or editors, a chance to edit my first Harem Boy prologue however you choose - the best offer I have for those willing to support. Anyone interested and has Gdocs can PM me, and I'll be able to let you in on it. (No wisecrack stuff, ok?)

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Gonna need a bit of help... · 11:18pm Sep 15th, 2017

First off, my mom has now become an annoyance, way too religiously insane to cope, and I've been close to the end of my rope.

Aside of that, I have released Season 3 of Harem Boy, but I might need a little helping hand here. If you know any good OCs, please PM me any info. (Females only, any males will have to be at later chapters

If you have any clopfics that are in need of editing, Pm me one if you can.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Harem Boy Season 3 may be in effect... · 4:38am Aug 8th, 2017

I might need help with any female OCs to put into for that season, because I might have some lines that can work for them... and they don't have to be the same as the others in Season 1 or 2 unless you wish for one of them to have it. Here are some I came up with...

"Taste my pussy first!" "No! Taste my pussy first!"

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Change of Plans · 7:06pm Sep 12th, 2016

You may all be wondering why all these sudden changes regarding Harem Boy. Well, you see, It got me thinking that after doing the final battle chapter, I thought that it could be the end. But why stop there? Thanks to your credit and support, I have given the opportunity to create a follow up, or should I say, a new season!

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