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Youtube readings ^w^ · 9:03pm May 1st, 2016

So far two very nice and talented people went ahead and read some of my stories

They are not the best in quality but I love them ^_^
someone was kind enough to read my stories and present them for all the internet to see
I am exceedingly thankful for their talents and their efforts. I get to see my stories come to life ^_^

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Report Sanguine Eyes · 225 views · #Good people

Do me a favor? Plus a teaser for Chapter 33! · 4:12am Feb 29th, 2016

Hi, all!

First up, in case you don't follow me but do appreciate good Soarburn stuff (and I suspect that you do :raritywink:), check out my blog on getting one of my Soarburn shirts.

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For Those Who Watch Youtube Reviews · 9:23pm Feb 14th, 2019

I'm a big fan of Youtube Reviews but personally, I prefer the ones about obscure films. Cinema Snob's Horror and Phelous's Animated Rip-Offs are some of my favourites. I mean everyone's heard of the Beauty and the Beast re-make, some like it, some don't, I think it's pretty good.
But how many people have heard of Goodtimes Entertainment's Beauty and the Beast starring the bastard child of Pumbaa and Goomba as the Beast.
I mean before Phelous reviewed it.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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