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Tell me I'm not the only one that thought this while watching LoE · 9:15am Nov 4th, 2016

I mean both movies share a lot of similar elements (aside from the whole 'time travel' thing) but this is by far the biggest one...


A New Chapter and A Move In The Right Direction · 11:31pm Sep 25th, 2018

Ey, good news
You don't have to wait for 3 weeks again for a new chapter
...I'm pitiful

No, but seriously
Expect the new chapter within a few days
It's basically done
Things are just moving a little slow rn because I'm preparing to move
And outta nowhere my internet stopped working?
It's been out for 3 days now for no fucking reason, so yea
But forget about that
Hidden Intentions is here and it's winding down toward its finale


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Holy Fuck and Then What? · 12:49pm Aug 17th, 2018

I guess my first post was a success
I genuinely though it'd get like a few hundred views and an evenly split like bar overall
but feature box almost immediately? 1000 views on the first day?
Holy fuck, I'm over the moon right now
So now what
I mentioned this in the comments, that I've considered writing a sequel to it
the fact that people seem to actually want that makes it more likely to happen but
don't expect it anytime soon

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Acting On Instinct · 10:35pm Sep 16th, 2018

Alrighty, so
I'm glad to see people have come around a bit to Hidden Intentions
It's now got more attention than Opening Up
That makes me happy
But let's cut to business
I meant to have posted the new chapter by now, it is basically done
I've just been busier than a fucking bumble bee lately
And last minute, I've decided to split this chapter into Two Chapters
Expect both of them soon
The first new chapter, tomorrow hopefully
Then the next new chapter, in just a few days

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A Secret Between Us Girls · 1:38am Aug 26th, 2018

Ey what up
So, for all those who have enjoyed Opening Up
Hears the heads up
I'm currently planning on just one more chapter
You can expect that next week
That's not what I'm posting next
Here within a few days expect a New Story about Twilight Sparkle x Gloriosa Daisy
Working title: A secret Between Us Girls
Here's a Preview–


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First Trottingham Fic in my Equestrian Expanded Universe / EqG Crossover · 8:55am Jul 23rd, 2021

So, time to finally announce the 6th series in the Equestrian Expanded Universe. This one's special as it brings in the EqG world. Why, you ask? Because, quite frankly, Gloriosa/Gaia looks the sexiest in her EqG form. The anthro fan-made versions are okay but it just ain't the same. So, get ready for a crossover. I'm still unsure if I'll do more with this and bring in ponies and more EqG characters or if I'll just keep it at this. For now, though, this is it. I've already begun

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New Chapter and A Change For The Better · 1:20am Oct 9th, 2018

Ey, Get ready for the new chapter
Hidden Intentions CH 4 is all but done
Should be posted by Wednesday
So get fuckin Ready!
Oh, right almost forgot
It won't actually be the finale
I've decided to extend the story one chapter
Chapter 5 will be the finale so
We're almost there!

But until then
It's CH 4 so
Have a preview


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A Weird Feeling · 1:34pm Oct 30th, 2018

Ey sorry for the wait
Life has been unbelievably busy
No time to write
Plus this chapters had more rewrites than the others
But its near completion now
going to finish and post as soon as possible
If I'm lucky, I can post it by wednesday night

If not
It least have this preview


“Take your time.”

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MLP villain rankings: Gloriosa Daisy · 8:38pm Feb 20th, 2019

0/10 - AWFUL (unsalvageable, never should have been made, wouldn't recommend to anyone)
1/10 - HORRIBLE/BORING (tedious, hurts to watch, a bore, no reason to watch him/her, whatever positive things about him/her are tiny and not enough)
2/10 - VERY BAD (slightly less terrible, maybe there were one or two things you liked kept him/her from being a 1 but still very painful)

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Pony Talk Episode 34-Legend of Everfree Review · 10:00pm Jan 22nd, 2017

So how did our girls enjoy their trip to Camp Everfree? Did learn lesson about friendship, life and possibly love? Or did some magic fueled wacko ruin their fun again? And who snuck out for some late night skinny dipping? Most of these questions will be answered in the video.

(Get it while you can, I'm currently having a dispute about it with YouTube.)


Just A Little More · 12:34pm Sep 1st, 2018

ey so uh
Peeps didn't seem to like Hidden Intentions much
Wasn't expecting such a poor reception
That's ok
For those of you that did enjoy it,
It still has 3 more chapters coming
Expect those to unroll throughout this month

And for peeps still waiting on chapter 2 of Opening Up
That's coming out Tomorrow Evening
Here's a little teaser


She picked up her glass and took a large drink. Applejack spaced out for a moment, staring at Sunset's chest.

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Elements of Redemptionverse · 10:11pm Jul 6th, 2019

I'm probably getting WAY too ahead of myself, but it's probably worth an idea.

So, a while ago, I completed a story titled "Elements of Redemption."

Basically, it's about an unlikely group of Flash Sentry, Wallflower Blush, Vignette Valencia, Juniper Montage, and Gloriosa Daisy joining forces under Scorpan, Tirek's brother, in order to provide redemption to antagonists in the Equestria Girls world.

This sounds like a crazy fanfic even Pinkie Pie would double take at, right?

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