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Update: I'm not dead, but progress won't pick up for a while. · 9:16pm Nov 6th, 2016

So, yeah. I've been in the dark for a while here and I just wanted to keep you guys up to speed on what and how I've been doing.

School is hard, like, really hard. At the end of the day, when I would usually sit down to write, I usually exhausted. This is the first year in 3 years that I haven't participated in NaNoWriMo, and that would have pushed my word count above and beyond 150,000 for memoirs.

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Things more of us need to hear about Games · 3:57pm Jun 27th, 2018

I found these videos a while back, videos that bring up points that should be more thought about

Tried to make this video here, but it kept not showing up as a video, so here’s a link instead


[EqE] Name Poll Final Results! · 11:40am Jan 4th, 2016

Whoops almost forgot! Man what was the deadline again? December 23rd, 2015? This post is a week late! Sorry everyone.
Also to make matters worse I kinda fucked up the poll and the results are now lost, but I do remember the numbers so you'll just have to trust my word on this.
There was a total amount of 30 votes and between Digital Dreamscapers and Almost Reality Games, the former won by one vote!

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No Mercy, a new game I'm working on · 4:06pm Mar 14th, 2017

Hey y'all. No I'm not dead.

I've been working full-time with my game company, Multivarious. We are running an already-successful Kickstarter campaign for our new game, No Mercy.

There are still 48 whole, delectable hours in which to help us get stretch goals for this game. Kickstarter backers will also form our closed-beta pool, while we get the game ready for Steam Early Access, for which it has already been Steam Greenlit.

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Things Game Developers Really Should be Thinking About · 7:03pm Apr 27th, 2019

Here’s a video by Extra Credits from 2017, share it around places you think it needs to be seen, on Player Trust

We’re at a point now in our cultures and communities where things like feedback are almost instantaneous.

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