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Two new updates are coming before this weekend! · 9:05am Jun 13th, 2019

Update #1: My Patreon Poll-winning entry, Cruising (as suggested by my Patron Eirjan) is officially completed and in the process of proofreading! The story is M/M smut (I know, what a shock~ :derpytongue2: ), and a cover page has already been made:

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New Group: Gallbar · 9:10am Sep 27th, 2018

Have you all ever wanted a little group dedicated to one of the cutest ships in the Young Six? If you did, then here is it. :rainbowkiss:

I've been shipping them since I saw one fanfic of it. I'm honestly surprised no one made this group yet tbh.


Merry (late) Hearth's Warming · 4:01pm Dec 26th, 2019

I hope that you all had a lovely Hearth's Warming/Christmas/Blue Moon Festival/Festivus/Candlenights/Other.

If you, yes the one who is reading this, are still wanting to be filled with the warmth of the Winter Holidays, I implore you to check out the newest of my stories, Peppermint Winter, and maybe shoot me a like if you're feeling generous this holiday season. I'd really appreciate it.

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Cruising 2 is completed! · 4:26pm January 9th

And holy shit, this story reached a whopping twenty one thousand words! I didn't plan for it to be that long, but you can't say I wasn't dedicated to the story and content. And lemme just say, this story has some good content~

Its currently up on my Patreon, where it can be read before proofreading and publication. If you wanna check it out a little early, or just wanna help a freelance writer in exchange for good content, then check out the link to my Patreon below:

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