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Doomy Illustrations · 3:24am January 12th

Do you think illustrations would enhance your reader experience with my story?

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Read It Later Reviews #1 - A Confederacy of Dunce Caps, Going Anywhere, On the Importance of Spelling, Awaken, Scootaloo, and Fugue State · 6:00am Nov 24th, 2014

A common symptom of being on FIMFiction for a while is an ever-growing read later list, composed of a bunch of stories which looked interesting enough to mark “read later”, but which you were too lazy to read at that point in time, either because it wasn’t really that interesting, because you were pressed for time, or because it was simply fairly long and would require some actual commitment.

My Read It Later list is up to 1517 stories at the time of writing.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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