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so i lost my job, im homeless, but i gotta van! · 6:24pm Dec 19th, 2020

Hey doods, twilightsmile speaking but of course.

So, sometime earlier I'd mentioned I'd say why I'm back with a more fuller-time approach. I'd recently been let go from my last employer and have been kinda struggling to land back on my feet. It's all fine though! I don't mean to say I'm worried or anything, or that I'm even fearful for the matter.

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Well, this is strange... · 7:54pm April 28th

So guys, today I came home to find some no doubt dashing and handsome stranger had left me a package! But that's not all! This most probably charming and brilliant man left me a package sent to me from the Russian Federation!

Well. Only one way to solve this! Better open her up!

Hmm. Something down there. And it's purple! What could it be?

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results