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What I've Done and Some Art · 12:52am Jun 8th, 2017

Hey there everyone!

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Firekeeper: Ending and continuation ideas. !!!SPOILERS!! · 7:22am Jul 24th, 2017


So, I did it again folks. I went and made a thing in my head wrote it down in my trusty handbook and now I want to write it. Problem is I have so much more to do I’m not sure what to do!

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Weekly update plan · 10:30pm Aug 7th, 2016

So, now that I'm back here I was just thinking it's time again for my weekly update plan. With any luck my new job won't stop me from updating all these days! X D

Sunday 8/7; Fire keeper

Monday 8/8: Fire Keeper

Tuesday 8/9: Working on Student of Friendship (It's been too long)

Wednesday 8/10: Working on student of Friendship/Fire Keeper

Thursday 8/11: Possible Student of Friendship/Fire Keeper double update (If I can get my lazy but to stop being distracted by internet)

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Titan Wars AKA. Solar Eclipse music??? · 9:00am Apr 3rd, 2017

So, i was doing a thing for my upcoming chapter update which will be big for Firekeeper, and I discovered a vast treasure I wasn't aware of on youtube. If anyone knows by some small cosmic chance a video game titles Solar Eclipse or Titan Wars in Japan, it was a Sega title that was a full cinematic, rail shooter/flight simulator with actual actors for it's ingame and between level cut scenes. One of my fave levels was a planet called Dione and to this day has one of my fave soundtracks of all

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Next Chapter for Firekeeper tonight! · 9:49pm Sep 28th, 2016

A warning to my readers for Firekeeper. (Things are going to happen next chapter!):trollestia::trollestia:

But seriously though, I know it was a rough transition after the siege of Ponyville for many. It was rough for me too, but all I can say is there's a reason for the adventure and gore tags not slice of life. For those who know how I write I tend to do things a certain way and some people didn't like it but that's okay.:pinkiecrazy: (Ill find you later and convert you....)

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