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Sorry for not updating Fillies and Monsters · 4:44pm Mar 14th, 2020

I don't have much of an excuse, just been burned out, with both MLP and RWBY... But, I'll make sure I start work on the next chapter sometime this week.


I'll be taking a little hiatus when I reach Chapter 30 of "Fillies and Monsters" · 4:18pm Dec 17th, 2019

Unfortunately, I'm just kinda burned out of writing Fillies and Monsters, and so I'll be taking a break... I have up to Chapter 30 completed, and so I'll keep uploading until then, but once that's been posted, I'll be on hiatus for a bit...


Hopefully going to get back to writing soon. · 7:03pm Apr 9th, 2020

I've been kinda burned out on RWBY and MLP, so I haven't really been in the mood to write Fillies and Monsters, mostly just been getting back in touch with the furry fandom, but, I will be rereading Fallout Equestria soon, and that will, hopefully, get me back in the mood to start writing MLP stuff... So, you can, hopefully, look forward to some more Fillies and Monsters soon.


Making a few more fics. · 5:50am May 28th

Unfortunately, I won't be continuing Fillies and Monsters, I made the story branch out too much, making way too many diverging plot lines to be able to accurately keep track of them and I had no idea how to bring the story together... I'm also pausing work on Spellscribe, but hopefully not forever, I've just lost a bit of interest in Harry Potter. But, I am working on two new fics, one is a complete standalone story, the other is a new MLP/RWBY crossover to make up for the loss of Fillies, but

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My current writing projects. · 10:05pm Feb 13th, 2020

First, regarding Fillies and Monsters, I'll be taking a shortish break of about a week or so, I've kinda run out of inspiration... Plus, I need to sort out a few plot holes I've noticed in my overall plan. Also, you might have noticed that I unpublished my other current fic, Spellscribe, my Harry Potter/Fallout Equestria crossover, and that is because I'm planning to redo it, since I decided that my current plan for that fic is highly underdeveloped and I'll need to rework it... One change I

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Viewing 1 - 5 of 5 results