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Just A Quickie. · 3:45am Jun 8th, 2019


Letting you all know I'm feeling tons better now, I had the stomach flu and basically been in bed all week.

Though now I'm feeling great, so tomorrow I'll be returning with my planned update as well as a few story updates.

Need to get back into the swing of things lol.

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Temp is back to 98.6 · 4:41pm May 25th, 2017

I still feel like butt.... But only a little.... :ajsleepy:


Sick update. · 4:19pm March 21st

Just went to urgent care. I probably have bronchitis. At least my sore throat and the pressure in my right ear are gone.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better, and I made some good edits to the newest Assassinverse chapter, which will be published soon if I'm lucky. And yes, new updates are coming soon, just bear with me.

Thanks for sticking with me, guys.


Hey ya'll, can I ask you guys something?? · 4:43am July 18th

For those who have read so far of Rewrite the Stars

How curious do you guys are about Rachel's past? What are your theories?

I wanna hear what you guys think.

also this is a way of saying I started working on it again XD


On The 4th Day of Sadness... · 10:19pm Feb 4th, 2017

The heavens gaves to me~

4 dreams of grandma :trollestia:
3 major mood swings!
2 GIANT hugs!
And a poem for all to see...

My life is getting a bit easier. Don't worry about me guys. Shit doesn't hit the fan until day 6.

~TheHeartsSisters :heart:


Whoa what the fuck?... huh cool place. · 1:46am Jan 30th, 2016

Soooo, things are looking better. My attitude towards live is improving, my akwardness in conversation is diminishing. And, I'm actually starting to upload content. :twilightsmile:

---I've been taking some Tai Kuan Do classes for the past month or so. (thank you dad...) I'm starting to feel better, which is good.

---I have more motivation than before, now the main obstacle is just twitter-based-distraction.

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Feeling Better · 10:34am Aug 28th, 2019

I feel better. I think I can be productive again today. I'm going to take care of some things that have piled up now, then see about getting some writing done. I'll be at a con all weekend, so I have to write a complete chapter of "A Storm on the Horizon of the Arcane World" for Sunday.


Update: Feeling Better · 3:51am Nov 3rd, 2019

It happened quite a bit sooner than I was expecting, but I've finally pulled myself back together again. Even though I am still a bit disappointed that I haven't found the girl for me, I've managed to preoccupy myself in my spare time with some fun activities. Hopefully the day will come when I can fill this void in my life that's been present nonstop since I entered my adolescence.

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Update: Coming to Terms · 5:36pm Nov 22nd, 2019

Hey, everyone.

So, some time has passed since our dog was euthanized. During that time, I've been keeping myself occupied to take my mind off things. We've been receiving a lot of emotional support from my parents' friends. We have also been giving our other dog a lot more attention as well, since he has been a bit sad that his half-brother is gone.

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Just As I Suspected, I Caught A Nap and Now I Feel Normal Again. · 2:29am Aug 13th, 2015

I'm going to work on some stuff now. I haven't touched my fics for a few days now, and that's never a good thing.

Also, I'd like to offer a thank you to irish_cat and WickedLSDragon for giving me some reassuring words. I really do appreciate it, guys.


SURPRISE! · 7:49pm Dec 9th, 2015

Posted another chapter early. I had it done and edited a while back, and I was PLANNING to hold onto it... but the lack of response kinda bummed me out, so I decided to try to fix that with an early release.

Hope you guys like it.


I'm Not Going To Be Very Active · 2:48am Dec 31st, 2015

The title explains all. If you're curious, look no further than the button right below the cute animated picture.

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Recovery · 4:02am Sep 17th, 2015

I think I can safely say I've made a pretty decent recovery over these summer months. If you don't know what i'm talking about see my previous blog post and the one before it .In my last blog I thought I was almost fully recovered but booooooy was I far from correct. It still comes up in my mind from time to time but when you consider the emotional wounds it's like I'm being released from the hospital with a healing broken leg.

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Happy Valentine's Day! · 11:33pm Feb 14th, 2016

I know no one probably gives a crap, but yeah, happy V-Day. Though, there really isn't much going on to speak of to make this blog worth a post, 'cept for the fact that I'm getting back into writing, and I'm going to try to get a chapter or two of "Elements" out this month. Here's hoping.


Writer's Block Update 2 of ??? · 7:22am Aug 16th, 2017

I'm sort of working through it tonight. Thank you, the Power of Clop, to motivate me with a complex string of mildly negative emotions into writing horse words! This is literally the most words in one sitting I've managed in 2+ weeks.

Stay frustrated.

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