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So hum first Blog.....humm? · 2:29am Apr 28th, 2017

Blog: A discussion or informational website published on the Web consisting of discrete often informal diary-style text entries or posts.

So I never have made a blog post before, or even seen one. but for my understanding is like a diary of some sort Soooooo.

Dear blog readers. Today I learn what a blog actually is and...Bla Bla Bla.

hahah sorry.

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Top 5 Favorite Things About Griff and Hero · 2:21am Jun 14th, 2021

Five things I absolutely love about my mijo and my boyfriend

#1: Pouting

You'd think it would be annoying but when these two do it it's the most adorable thing in the world, trust me.

#2: Showing affection

Though they both show it in different ways and publicly act like they don't, when Griff and Hero get cuddly or hug-y it's hard to resist returning the affection, and I love it

#3: Comfort

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Just did two of my three favorite things · 12:41am Nov 26th, 2016


Writing Commissions · 10:37pm Aug 31st, 2020

So this is a subject I've been mulling over for some time now, and at this point it's just time to say screw it and announce that I'm tentatively opening up writing commissions.

I want to say this is for a nobler reason like forcing myself to become a better writer or looking to hone my craft, but I'd be lying.

Truth is I've hit a really rough patch thanks to a certain pandemic and really need the money.

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