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Still Fighting It (Song Thoughts) · 10:26am Oct 15th, 2016

So, I was going through some old songs and I found this.

So I was wondering if anyone else saw that Cyberbullying video when they were in school. Y’know, the one with Joe and Kim and stuff that had this song in it. I remember when I first heard the song I was like "This song's so cool! Imma download it."

And which character do you think it fits? I think it would fit Sunset during the Post-Fall Formal time or Anon-a-miss.

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Hap Reviews: Contest Entries 7 · 11:58pm July 19th

Howdy howdy. I've been wanting to review/recommend some stories from the right back at it again shipping contest, because as usual I only ever exit my tiny corner of TWG to go, sneak out and enter in competitions before slinking back into my lair, and as a few of you probably know, I like reviewing and recommending (if I can) stories that turn up there, because contests are fun and I think that

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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