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It's been awhile hasn't it? · 3:14am Jul 20th, 2016

Well helloooooo there, forgot about me didn't ya? I've sort of lost interest in the show and because of that I've sort of forgotten about this entire site. I've sort of been spending most of my time on (which if you want you can check out mine here I know I've been gone about I really do want to try to get back into MLP again.

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Not down for the count yet · 3:21am Nov 7th, 2015

Hellooooooo everybodyyyyyyy!!!!! Didya miss me? Oh I know you did.
I think that you'll be happy to know that Rainbow in the Dark is finally coming off of hiatus after a little over of year of me not even looking at the doc.
But here's the thing, I feel like I have grown as a story writer since then so what's going to happen is that i'm going to completely rewrite Rainbow in the Dark.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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