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Wanna read A Dark Superhero story? · 4:25am Jun 21st, 2019

Then check out Equestrian City by Malcontent! It has crime, murder, mystery, action, betrayal, dark stuff & uncomfortable moments plus much, much more! It's set 10 years in a AU version of the finale of "Rainbow Rocks", where during the final battle against the Dazzlings, the blast of their magic beams goes horribly wrong & as a result, Meta-Humans (both

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Equestrian City Side Streets - Episode 2 · 12:03am Sep 24th, 2018

A deep dive into the motivation and past of SciTwi (Not to be confused with Twilight Prime, the one from Equestria ;)) and what happened to her during The Canterlot Crisis. Featuring Shining Armor and his sister, this is also Wubcake Approved ;)


MetaVerse Update! 07-27-19 · 2:54pm Jul 27th, 2019

Hello MetaVerse Fans!

We have a lot of progress to report, so those that aren’t on Discord, here’s the round up most know already on there:

  1. Equestrian City Season 1 is coming to a close, as we submit 17 for it’s run through the Buck-O-Tron (Brawny Buck’s Editing Prowess) and 18 is being prepped to be written, we’ll post the next episode soon! 

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MetaVerse Weekly Roundup - 03-17-19 · 6:27am Mar 18th, 2019

Hello MetaVerse fans,

This week we’ve got “Collision Course” aka Equestrian City episode 14 loaded and near ready for release!

At the same time the Fallout inspired spin off Total Wasteland gets some attention as does a Starlight Glimmer Side Story!

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