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Rap Battle Ideas? · 1:22am February 13th

Hey, anyone got any ideas for more rap battle pairs? In case you haven't seen them, just so you know, here's the ones I have so far:

Tempest Shadow v.s Twilight Sparkle -done
Ocellus Iris v.s Pharynx Elytron -done
Melody Song v.s Heath -done
Thorax Glyder v.s Pharynx Elytron -to do
Venom Stinger v.s Pharynx Elytron -to post

I only have one rule: if it's an OC, it must be an OC I've heard of, so I know how to write them

Any ideas? Seriously, I need ideas


Epic Rap Battles of Equestria: Tempest Shadow v.s Pharynx Elytron · 7:34pm February 24th

“So… why are we doing this again?”

“Because Melody’s making us.”

“No! We’re doing this because it’s fun!”

“So far it hasn’t been fun.”

“Okay, so maybe you got beat up last time-”

“Wait, what?”

“-But this time, you’re doing it with Tempest, she wouldn’t hurt her own boyfriend.”

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Epic Rap Battles of Equestria: (Yandere) Ember Moonstone V.S (Yandere) Pharynx Elytron · 10:37pm April 15th

“What do you mean ‘you’re the better protector’?!”

“Exactly what I said. It is literally my job to protect Thorax.”

“So?! I’d die for him!”

“And he’d throw himself in front of a crossbow to protect you.”

“Oh, and he wouldn’t for you?”

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Epic Rap Battles of Equestria: Thorax Glyder v.s Pharynx Elytron · 1:21am March 9th

“Welcome all to another Epic! Rap! Battle! Of! Equestriaaaa! Today we have Pharynx Elytrooon verses Thorax Glydeeer!”

“I still don’t know how you two talked me into doing this again.”

“Because you’d win any kind of physical fight.”

“And this is more fun! Okay, let’s start!”


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Epic Rap Battles of Equestria: Pharynx Elytron v.s Venom Stinger · 9:19pm March 23rd

“Okay, so do you both understand the rules?”


“Yes, mom.”

“No sass mister. Okay, ready?”

“You’re going down, Elytron.”

“That’s what you think, Stinger.”

“Epic Rap Battles of Equestria! Venom Stinger v.s. Pharynx Elytron! Begin!”

Listen up, Ven, who you think you’re dealing with?

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