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Chapter 09 and end of hiatus · 5:00pm Mar 7th, 2017

I finally got past that nasty block. And the result is this short chapter 9. This is way less than I wanted but... it's done! And I hope that the story will keep going from there. Thanks for your patience. See you soon.


End of writing hiatus (?) · 5:01am Aug 19th, 2019

Yup. So it's come to this again.

I've always tended to be more productive during the school year, no matter how counterintuitive it seems to be writing stories when there's more to do. :facehoof:


WHATS UP? MISS ME? ONLY BEEN LIKE 3 YEARS! · 9:52am Nov 14th, 2020

No excuses for the lateness, just lazy and forgetful as hell. Sorry.

In March I went back and reread my own story. Hated a good portion of it, and decided I would rewrite it to ensure it is of decent quality. My old writing is bad, and my plans were even worse -- leading to me being confused about where I had originally wanted to go with the story.

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Guess who's back? · 12:58am Jan 4th, 2020

Hello once again, loyal followers of the hive! Akula here, with FANTASTIC news!


Yes, after a 3-day long camping trip at Hosanna Farmstay Camping (Look it up on Google) (extended to an extra day, due to staying at a friend's house for an extra night), I have officialy returned to FimFiction!

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Proceeding with the plan · 11:26pm Sep 29th, 2015

I have finished the other project(s) and ready to continue onward with the next chapter of AAE, another thing, on the month of october and probably future months, I will make special chapters focusing on the holidays, these chapters will be separated in a different story, so one story will focus on Anim's life in equestria, while the other will focus on Anim's reaction to equestria unique yet familiar events.


Changeling Mine Is Back On. · 10:07am Mar 20th, 2018

Had a lighting strike of an idea hit my noggin, and so I have started writing for Changeling Mine again, so expect the next chapter some time soon.

And as a hint for you guys, Clover’s plans are going to be more messed up thanks to a certain little someone deciding to visit Twilight, so stay tuned.


State of the Pen · 7:45pm Sep 6th, 2021

So, I did take most of the month of August off. I did what I said I would do, including celebrating my son's 19th birthday, making arrangements to travel 1500km north in October for my grandfather's 100th, hit the local rivers and lakes and played a lot of video games. Just in case anyone is wondering what an old fart like me plays, my main games currently are:

- World of Warships (Mare_in_the_Moon)
- 7 Days to Die (highly recommended zombie killing, base builder)

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Splintershard returns! · 7:09am Dec 2nd, 2020


Whisked away by a voice in her head calling herself "Starlight Glimmer", Emily Ashton finds herself in a land far different from anything she'd ever expected.

If only getting back was going to be as easy.


The Return! · 4:50pm Jul 26th, 2015

Yes, to all who are not yet aware, I am back home early, and I have much to discuss. (This is your one and only wall of text warning, I guess.)

Recalling the first line of the USAF song, I realized several days ago that I was Icarus with my entire life situation for the past year and a half, outside of my ever-nascent writing and editing world, which is still going strong and will be going stronger than ever in the months and years to come.

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