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Character Profile: Emerald Breeze · 2:23am March 30th

Here's a description of Emerald's character, so yeah. (Note: This is during the time between the end of "Mhssvba: Lxblzayph - Ubjslhy ZVBSz" and "Equestria Girls: Power of the SOUL") (Note 2: Spoilers are both censored and encoded in a code, with the hint to the code being "Kite Tenjo (Arc-V)")

Name: Emerald Breeze "The Dual-Traited Arbiter"

Age: 15.5 (Physical), 215.5 (Mental)

Height: 3'9" (Unicorn)/5'1" (Human)

Weight: 200 lbs

Gender: Female

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Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 results