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The Week Ahead · 6:10pm Jun 7th, 2015

Hello, there everyone; it's me Fireflower once more with feeling and with a new announcement: for those who had been staying with me, I have been going on hiatus infrequently due to fighting battles at college, and by fighting, I mean struggling to keep my head above the water since the start of the new year. As much as the new year has happened to sound promising at first glance, it has left me with some trace of anxiety and suspicion; well, I gotten proven right on that end so let me

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Matthew Santoro, a victim of domestic violence · 1:03pm Mar 25th, 2020

4 years ago, Canadian YouTuber Matthew Santoro uploaded a video, talking about an unnamed romantic partner who he claimed was manipulative and forced him to turn his friends and family away in favour of her and she had also psychologically and physically abused him during their relationship.

My Abuse Story

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