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Doggy Style Final Chapter Editor Needed! · 4:18am Nov 14th, 2018

So I think I have come to a happy conclusion for Doggy Style!
But I am in need of a pre-reader/ editor to help finish it off. Someone with good grammar and a good eye for catching problems so it can be posted! (Let me know in Comments or PM if you are interested) Must have read full story to know what is happening before going into this final chapter.

I was going to do a little bonus epilogue kinda thing but I think leaving it as it currently stands would be for the best.

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Doggy Style at Midnight · 3:48am Jan 1st, 2019

The final chapter of Doggy Style will be posted at midnight!

It has been a long ride. Spent pretty much 4 years on this story. It started as just a one-shot but you all loved it so much I just felt like I needed to make more! And I enjoyed it every step of the way.

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[Sneak Peak] Growing Affection Part 2 · 7:55am Jan 20th, 2017

Here is a small snip of the start of the next chapter, I plan on spending most of tomorrow working on more taking breaks every once in a while but I can tell this one is going to be very good, and even better once it is edited! This is the first page of the Doc! Hope you all are excited for the final chapter~

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'Doggy Style' Needs A New Editor [Closed No longer Needed] · 8:15pm Oct 20th, 2015

Hello all! Just wanted to let you all know that the second chapter of 'Doggy Style' is finished!

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Help: Roxy Question · 4:35am Mar 30th, 2016

I am asking for help for a small part of the last chapter of Doggy Style.

Roxy is in your room looking around at things she had never seen or experienced before.

What should they be? And how should she react?

Also some ass to hold you guys off:


Future Updates · 2:44am Dec 16th, 2015

Sorry for the lack of update over the past few weeks. Yet I will try to keep all of you in the loop for future story updates and things of that nature, or things you just want answers to.

Now for the point of this blog.

I am still working on the last chapter of "Doggy Style", and that is right, the next chapter of "Doggy Style" will be the last. It should be out by before years end so I hope you all are looking forward it.

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Viewing 1 - 6 of 6 results
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