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Disclaimer and other stuff. · 12:19am Aug 16th, 2016

>/ I use images at random. If i like a picture or piece of art, i may use it as my profile pic.
That is the exact case with my current profile pic.

If i use an image its because i like it, not because i claim to own it.
The name Apostle comes from CIV:BE.

The picture is of the character Rikki from Marble Soda.

The current image is from Civilization Beyond Earth. The Apostle class infantry unit.

I have no idea who it is that made it.

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Disclaimer · 12:32am Feb 8th, 2019

Okay I wish I didn't have to write this but seems like I do. After me releasing my latest submission it seems it came under fire and everything went totally outta control so I'd like to clarify a thing or two. No it is not non consensual I am not a big fan of non consensual stuff if at most yes it was dubious consent at best but not non consent if that is not your thing then I am sorry I will also be adding what kind of consent it will be from now on to avoid this happening again.

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Introducing Myself · 9:25pm Feb 18th, 2017

:twilightsmile: Hiya!
I'm LearnToFly, or Dawnflower [pony OC- currently working on the story now]. I'm looking to start uploading on FiMFiction regularly. I'll be looking into posting about Dawn's story and a few others soon, and I'd love some ideas for supporting characters or maybe a few settings.

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Disclaimer. · 9:58pm Sep 9th, 2015

The Discordfan mentioned in a comment i posted IS NOT the actual user. That one is cool, I like her stories. MINUS THE SHIPS! The one i mentioned is MY LITTLE BROTHER. He is not a user on the site.:pinkiesad2:He won't join.


What It Even Means When I Give You Feedback On Your Writing · 3:17pm June 30th

If someone tells you what they don't like about your story, that doesn't tell you whether your story is any good or not.

But does that make their feedback useless? That depends...

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Added a new disclaimer to What If...'s description. · 2:13am Mar 13th, 2019

Just in case. :raritywink:

Check below the break for semi-unrelated copypasta!

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"So, Casca, why do you publish things so slowly?" · 9:59am Apr 21st, 2016

"I mean, seriously, just over a week to end a cliffhanger on?"

Well, dear reader, I'm glad you asked. Right now I'm in a bit of a busy state. Most of my writing time has been put towards finishing a Minecraft fanfic that's longer than anything I've done in that vein. The guy's already given me a few extensions, because it's likely that he won't find an author who'll give him this level of quality for this price outside of myself...

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Why Disclaimers are Useful: The Prologue for Tempest Shadow's Story takes longer..... · 6:24pm Jun 17th, 2018

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