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Trailer For My Next Piece Of Headcanon · 10:24am Mar 19th, 2020

There was a gloomy donkey, who lived a gloomy life
He had three gloomy children beside his gloomy wife

He lived upon a gloomy yard and worked his gloomy trade
By digging lots of gloomy graves with just his gloomy spade

But then one gloomy evening within that gloomy yard
The donkey dug a grave so deep it dug up something hard

All clean and pale and beautiful with pretty, pearly teeth
A pair of mighty curling horns but what lay underneath?

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Bray · 1:31pm Jun 8th, 2019

Well, I'm very happy they finally added Grogar into the current generation and here's hoping he comes into the next.
But what I'm wondering is what happened to Bray?
In previous generations, Spike and Scorpan were the servitors to the big bad but now have been reimagined as heroes or defectors.
But what about this servitor who went one step further, carrying on his master's work?
Ladies and gentlemen, Purple Patch's Bray.

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This video game compels my negative urges and I love it · 10:13pm January 19th

Unrelated Gallus, but Gallus is great so here you go anyway

This isn't entirely a blog about video games. The site gets a lot of those, and they aren't necessarily fun to read - if nothing else, they're self-indulgent.

Neither is it entirely a blog about politics. The site gets a lot of those, and they tend to inspire lots of vitriol, justified or not.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results