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Saved from Development Hell, I bring you TFPSET Forever! · 11:04pm Oct 23rd, 2020

AKA The Half-Arsed Adaptation of The Fastest-Paced Story Ever Told:

Except for my private hours, perhaps I should stop using Source FilmMaker entirely.

Feel free to read the original story if you want to know what happens next:

EThe Fastest-Paced Story Ever Told
Just how much story can be crammed into 1,000 words? Let's find out!
DmitriTheWriter · 1.4k words  ·  282  9 · 2.6k views

Waking up.... · 12:50pm Feb 2nd, 2017

...every morning with a soft purr from your beloved one, and the world is just fine


Editor Wanted: RariJack Vanilla · 1:34am Jun 11th, 2015

Hello, everyone. Wellspring here!

I just realized that I've been gone for 11 months now. Jesus, where did all that time go?
Anyway, I'm currently looking for an editor for my upcoming fanfic.

Leaf Songs (Working Title)
Wordcount: 20,000
Themes: Romance, RariJack, Past Loves

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"Cheesy as Pie" finished! "Calming of the Storm" next! · 3:29am Nov 15th, 2020

Well I have another episode of the Flurry Heart's Story complete! It took a little longer than I was expecting due to several things delaying me throughout the summer combined with just being lazy about working on it at times. It's finally done though and I am glad to see how bittersweet the ending was! We sadly never got to see any romantic interactions between Cheese and Pinkie in the show until it was suddenly revealed at the end that they got together at some point. It felt a bit weird

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Cheesy Slime Story Time πŸ€ · 10:36pm Oct 17th, 2018


The Language of Flowers is so AWESOME!!! · 1:49am Jun 5th, 2016

If you guys haven't used this shit to declare your love for one another, you need to start now! You know what grass means? GAYYYYY love and submission I'm going to pick up some grass and throw it at the next girl I like that's what I'm gonna do. Look at this shit you know what it means?

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RCL Ponyfic Highlander Voting: Signal Boost · 5:19pm Jun 17th, 2019

Those of us among the RCL curators who are attending Bronycon have a panel in the works, "Ponyfic: There Can Be Only One." We're going to determine the greatest MLP fanfic ever written through what I'm sure will be highly scientific and objective processes, for a very serious and legally binding prize.

The greatest MLP fanfic ever written...

Eeyup, that’s what the RCL curators are trying to determine, and you can have a say!

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blogpost#1218 · 3:28pm Mar 15th, 2017

happy, that's how you made me feel
many times
but now, i feel like you're ignoring me
(couldn't think of a rhyme)

why? you refuse to tell me
though you used to
please answer my question
what did i do?

is it something i said?
is it something i did?

is it something i'm doing?
is it something i'm trying?

you're one of my best friends
or you were
friends don't do this to friends
you're not her

you're not the perky, fun girl i met last year
you're someone i don't know

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4 Years Ago · 8:09pm May 18th, 2017

Four years ago, I had practically just finished my last day of eighth grade, and I was done with my exams. Four months prior, I had my first ever break-up. Four years ago today, at age 14, I joined this site.

I had discovered Fimfiction about a year before, but I had gotten so busy that it wasn't until earlier 2013 that I rediscovered it. I decided I wanted to join, but I first had to think of a name.

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LETS PUMP SOME IRON AND PUMP UP THAT HEART RATE!!!!!!! · 2:11am Aug 20th, 2022 cheesy exercise music video I was part of last month just dropped! Shout out to occasionally finding good gigs on craigslist! Also shout out to the artist CHYL she's chill (haha) and the songs a legit old-school 90s EDM esque (i think? Does this qualify as house? I've forgotten my inchoate to begin with Electronica sub genres knowledge lol) any the point is the songs a bop go listen to it thanks and have a great day!


I really want to do this shit with someone · 3:53pm Jun 19th, 2016

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