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Planning A Civil War Fic · 9:42pm Apr 23rd, 2017

Would anyone be interested in my take on the Civil War at some point?
A sort of Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones pushed through MLP to be honest.

A few characters I've got planned.

Royal Equestria

Petal Periantha: A high-born student of Celestia, groomed to be the chosen heir to the realm.

Hardy Haybale: A peasant-born squire and student of Celestia.

Solomon Sunrisen: A mysterious prodigy and one of Celestia's best students.

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New Character · 1:16pm Feb 21st, 2017

Cerberus Junior - What happens if Chrysalis gets it in her head that having demon in her Hive's gene pool would be nice. A good representation of Freud's tripartite model of the psyche. Three heads, one pair of chitinous wings, canine frame, hooves on hind legs, paws on front legs, changeling texture & surface.

Right head - Id. Impulsive, uncaring of social norms, always getting him into trouble.
Aura: Pink.
Magical Specialization: Offensive spells and conjuring.

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Character and Story Idea Adoption (Pt. 1) · 1:36pm April 25th

Welp, I promised myself I would do this one day here on this site and so I have. Now to say any of these characters or ideas will ever be used by me or others? No clue and truth be told, I'd just be happy that someone thought one of these was cool, so yeah.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results