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Dunsparce's 5 Aspect Guide to Making Your "Character Crossover" Stand Out · 3:25pm Sep 15th, 2015

I'm gonna be the first to admit it: I'm NOT a very creative guy. Crossovers are really the only thing I can write moderately well, or so it is apparent. Even if I'm not that popular, I do know how to write these puppies, and it's rather heartbreaking to see this genre starting to go in the dumps, as if it weren't there already. Writing a crossover is like playing Little Mac in Smash Bros. If you know what your doing, it's easy-peasy, but if you're a noob looking for some writing experience,

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Jongojiverse Bio 34: Hun · 1:55pm Apr 17th, 2019

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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