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Reboot [Chaos Falls] · 4:30pm Aug 25th, 2016

Been doing a lot of thinking for this story for the past few weeks, ever since Summer started. And in all honesty I think I may have to do a reboot of it, The first chapter will most likely stay the same, but the rest may need a changing. Still not a hundred percent sure, but its very possible I'll be doing a reboot of Chaos Falls sometime later in the future.


Goodbye Gravity Falls, Hello Chaos Falls · 5:31am Feb 16th, 2016

Well. It's over. A show I literally found like when it was half way through the second season, is over. And after watching the marathon and seeing all the episodes up to the finale, I must say...what a show. I'm gonna miss shows like these, shows that do such an awesome job like these and redefine the meaning of 'kids' shows.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results