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Do you like CTS stories? · 4:24pm Sep 25th, 2017

Well a new, major CTS fic just got posted. Permafrost The debut fic to explore Clocktower Equestria West, the society hub under the San Fransicolt Bay. While also being an amazing story about one lost stallion trying to get over his past, and accept who and what he is.

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New sequel is live · 11:36pm Nov 11th, 2019

So, after much teasing, much hinting, far too many delays, and a whole lot of IRL junk getting in the way, a new Kinky Luna fic is finally started. If you enjoyed Luna's trip to the Borderlands in Lunar Ravishing, get ready for round two as she heads back and accepts Gregor's invitation to his Slave Camp in Lunar Enthrallment.

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Fianlly! A new fic! · 9:14pm Apr 24th, 2018

So yeah, I've been saying this thing was coming for several months, but IRL just kept kicking my ass with stuff that kept me from focusing on getting it out, but finally the fic about how Starsong and Luna met in CTS is started! This is a collaborative writing effort with the always amazing Wendy Crescent.

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Update things and a little teaser! · 12:13pm Feb 1st, 2017

Good afternoon my lovely angels!

It's been a while I have to admit. But I am going to endevour to be more active here regardless of me feeling bad about myself and the things that I do. So lets start with something that I have been putting off for a month now, new year’s resolutions!

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The mid-February state of things! · 1:13pm Feb 14th, 2017

Hello my little angels :heart:

Once more it is time for a blog post kind of thingy! I need more practice to do these more regularly.

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New über favorites!! · 12:52am Oct 17th, 2017

Which is something you won't see a lot of as the story really, really has to impress me to make it on there. In some way these stories stand above the crowd, and that elite collection has two more members.

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Pseudo-Announcing Commissions: The Flat Tire Sale · 2:41am July 28th

Fate has smiled upon me, and then immediately backhanded me and said "don't get too excited"

So, i am now in ownership of a vehicle. cool. wow. the issue is that i wasn't planning on having to do any maintenance on top of paying for my overpriced insurance (you get charged extra for liability when you're a delivery monkey) my fucking car now has a flat. cool. awesome. toooootaly didn't need that money in my account for anything else.

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Great little recording. · 5:01pm Jan 4th, 2018

So, recently a good friend from CTS, Chosen Heart aka Cinderscript, did a recording of Luna's letter to Twilight at the end of Guide.

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