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Butterfly Effect: What if Nostalgia Critic hadn't been made in the first place? · 5:05am Oct 8th, 2021

Just to be curious, what would happen if Nostalgia Critic, a popular film critic reviewing films based on nostalgia (or in the newer days after Demo Reel, reviewing other movies) weren't made in the first place, while AVGN keeps on reviewing? How will it affect the internet, the film community, and the reception given by most people? I wanna hear your thoughts, opinions, and theories in the comments down below.


That moment when your world breaks · 5:29am Apr 2nd, 2018

So I am working on an AU story of my AU story (Discovering Friendship) based around my favorite couple. Go on, guess! Bet ya can't guess! Did ya guess yet? Well you are wrong.

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Equestrian City - Scootaloo · 11:32pm Mar 1st, 2018

This week's Butterfly Effects is..Scootaloo!

Part of the survivors of The Canterlot Disaster, Scootaloo immediately lost her right arm as the wave hit her and her group of friends near the stage.

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Things I Have Been Reading: A World Worth Dying For by ClanCrusher · 9:02pm Sep 29th, 2016

Things I Have Been Reading: A World Worth Dying For by ClanCrusher

So, I finally got my ereader back.

Over the years I've gotten into the habit of reading fics on tablet. Then, my friends hooked me up with e-paper ereaders, specifically by getting me a Cybook Muse with Frontlight and I fell love with that thing, chewing through fics on it like crazy.

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results