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I have procrastination problems... · 4:30am Jun 18th, 2017

It#s not that I don't have ideas on where to take my stories to. I'm just... lazy. I mean, it's summer, and while I want to get stuff out for you guys and my YouTube channel, my body just replies with "sit your lazy *** down and watch some Attack On Titan." It's kinda frustrating, but at the same time, I can't really stop it. So I apologize for being slow. It really ticks me off when I don't feel like doing anything. On the plus side, all this good Sonic news is getting me rarin' to get back to

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To all of you who want to be animators or script writers... · 1:31pm Jun 15th, 2015

So keep this in mind, folks. If you can draw your ponies or whatever to look like how they're supposed to look, you're on the fast track to being a thousand times better at animation than the idiots behind this show. Hell, my animations make this look like a load of bollocks, and that makes me feel so good about my work. :)

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Nicktoons of the 2010s. · 2:23am Feb 20th, 2018

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