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So Sweet And Happy · 1:17pm Aug 3rd, 2013

All you got to do is take a great director
an old franchise to fix
Then you take a bunch of guys who can do vectors
and some Chemical X!

Make pony girls with their lovely curls
and brush them if they're willing
Add a little Flash and a Rainbow Dash
the adventures will be thrilling!

Ponies, so sweet and happy
ponies, it may get sappy
ponies, ponies ponies ponies!

(Yes, I'm feeling random today :pinkiecrazy:)

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Not the very model of a changeling · 9:13pm Dec 10th, 2013

(Obviously sung to the magnificent Major-General's Song :rainbowwild:)

I'm not the very model of a changeling, that I do admit
I've studied pony habits from the mundane to the intimate
And though that seems quite obvious to turn into a benefit
Instead of stealing love I found it necessary to commit

The Hive I've left for twenty years, I know, it's inconsiderate
I've gotten all that love and simply didn't do a thing with it
But here aside my lovely wife I know I'm happy as can be

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The Fresh Shrink of the Big Bad Wastelands · 10:16pm Aug 1st, 2012

Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute, just stay where you stand
I'll tell you how I became the shrink of the big bad wasteland

Whinnyapolis Stable, born and raised
In the Stable is where I spent all of my days
Counselling ponies, relaxing all cool
And getting all flirty, with a guy I knew from school

When the Dubya Arr Dee said, "we've come to decide"
"We're gonna open the Door, to the Endless Outside."

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The Daily Unlife gets Audio Book'd! · 10:38pm Jan 8th, 2014

Looks like my ghoul story is getting some love!

Nitoka, who had already done a reading of the first chapter of Fallout Equestria: Dark Shores, now added The Daily Unlife to his work list!

His glorious reading of the introduction chapter can be found here:

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Character relationship questions meme! · 1:11pm Nov 18th, 2014

Saw this on some random dude's blog... and I thought, well, why the hell not.

1) Choose 2-10 characters that are in a relationship.
2) Don't change the questions.
3) Let your characters answer.
4) Tag 5-10 people
5) Have fun.


Flitter (Flitter), Misty Cloud (Fallout Equestria: The Daily Unlife)

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'Taking Gilda for a Ride' read aloud · 7:28am Nov 15th, 2017

With many thanks to Scarlett Blade, I'm really delighted to say that Taking Gilda for a Ride has now been read aloud on youtube!

Listen to it at

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'Celestia Kneels Before Her Queen' read aloud · 6:31pm Dec 7th, 2017

Scarlett Blade has chosen to read another of my stories aloud! Celestia Kneels Before Her Queen is now read aloud on youtube!

Listen to it at

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Updated Artwork: "Sad Turing Test in a Puddle" · 12:57am Jan 6th, 2016

Back in the chapter "Electric Ladyland, Part 2," Turing Test gets rained on by a cloud enchanted by Discord. It ruins her brand new coat of paint and she experiences sadness for the first time. :fluttershysad: Well, Mr. Green has caught up on some of the artwork and we now have an illustrated version of that scene that has been added to the chapter!

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Pony-Me™: Outtakes is up! · 5:55am Jul 6th, 2018

EPony-Me™: Outtakes
Scrapped ideas, bonus content, and general goofing off in the Pony-Me universe.
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"The Iron Horse" Bonus: Cobbler and Unit 002 Design & Concept · 7:03pm Nov 27th, 2016

Howdy folks! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! Or, if you're from a country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a good... um... Thursday.

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