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Saddle-Town · 1:54pm Oct 4th, 2016

(a song of the First Generation)

Well, we're living here in Saddle-Town
Where they once burned all the factories down.

Out in Ponyville it's raiding time,
They're dealing in slaves,
And blurring the line.

Well our mothers fought the only world-war
Fought the Zebras bunkered on our shores,
Met our fathers and they had a go,
Then back to the lines,
Well, that's how it goes.

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"We Didn't Start the Ponies" · 1:03am Nov 10th, 2019

I haven't finished fixing up the first story I plan to upload here. Time and other obligations are a constraint. But last night, before bed, I whipped this up real quick. It's not a full song, but it's meant to be sung to the tune of the final verses of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire". It's about all the MLP animated productions (sans the G3.5 ones) and meant as a reminder that, while Friendship is Magic is our favorite, it's not all that the My Little Pony franchise is, nor all that it

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I Finished the RCL List from 2013-Aug. 2014 · 8:52pm Apr 30th, 2018

Way back in August 2014, when I first joined this site, I put every story that was in the Royal Canterlot Library at that time into my "Read Later" list. For a few days/weeks, I read all of them at a steady pace. Many of them I enjoyed, some I didn't, but they were all very interesting to read.

Then, at some point, when there were three stories left, I stopped.

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Story Notes: Every Breath You Take · 11:31pm Jan 7th, 2022

Source: AlwaysDressesInStyle

New year, new story. Continuing the Car Wash series, this time it isn't about ponies working on Earth, so much as it is ponies playing on Earth.

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