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Happy Ones-versary Bezier! · 9:04pm Jul 20th, 2020

Hey guys, I thought I'd post a blog today because today is the one-year anniversary of a good friend of mine, Bezier Ballad. If you don't know who Bezier is already, go ahead and check out her work. She's an amazing writer. This blog isn't much, but I just want to say: happy one-year anniversary Bez. Here's to many more future years, stories, and fun.


Epic Rap Battles of Equestria: Pharynx Elytron v.s Venom Stinger · 9:19pm Mar 23rd, 2021

“Okay, so do you both understand the rules?”


“Yes, mom.”

“No sass mister. Okay, ready?”

“You’re going down, Elytron.”

“That’s what you think, Stinger.”

“Epic Rap Battles of Equestria! Venom Stinger v.s. Pharynx Elytron! Begin!”

Listen up, Ven, who you think you’re dealing with?

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results