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Bad OCs I Have Created in the Past · 12:43am Mar 4th, 2016

About two years ago, when I first got into the fandom, I created two OCs that, if I posted their stories onto this site, would be ripped to shreds and flooded with dislikes.

I want to share them with you, and give you a laugh and (most likely) a few cringes. Also, take this as a lesson: don't make OCs like these. I even cringe thinking back to them.

Head below the break to hear the overly-done backstories of two ponies I once claimed as my own.

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The problem(s) with Odium · 6:51pm Nov 28th, 2020

This is the last time I ask this, so I won't bother anyone again (Sorry if I still am, though). What could be the problem or problems with my OC antagonist named Odium? Is it his personality, his backstory, his appearance, his concept, or even his existence in general? Please let me know so that I can fix both him and his story in general.

Thank you and have a great day.


Are all of my OC's bad? · 10:22pm July 26th

I really need to know the answer. If so, why and what can I do to get better at OC/Character Creation? Not every OC in general is bad, right?


I don't know why... · 5:30am Jun 30th, 2017

But an idea struck me while at work on Wednesday. I've been writing on it since, but it went from a simple joke to a 6k mess in no time at all. Honestly I think the idea is great and will encourage others to expand on it once it's posted. I hope to finish it by tonight, as I just finished Twilight's tour and am moving on to a party. The end is near, even if Vermintide is distracting me.


*pterodactyl screech* · 6:52pm Jan 28th, 2016

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