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On Adult Edutainment: A Retrospective Look at Beanformation Theory · 6:50pm Jul 18th, 2018

As a child, I used to love watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in science class. It's not hard to understand why; it was funny, had lots of cool visuals, and every minute watching the show was a minute that we didn't have to spend listening to the teacher lecture on the subject or working on exercises from the textbook.

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Heads up! · 12:02pm Aug 1st, 2018

In an effort to get things moving on Phase 3 of the Beanis Cinematic Universe, I am suspending this week's work on Consequences in order to finish a BCU story needed to set things up for Phase 3 by this weekend.

Consequences updates will continue next week as normal. Sorry for the delay.


NaNoWriMo Victory · 7:39pm Nov 29th, 2018

One day ahead of schedule, I have managed to write over 50,000 words in the month of November.

It's a hell of an achievement, and congratulations to any other authors out there who pulled it off. I found it a lot easier to get through this year than I did last time.

More importantly than just sheer word count, however,

The first draft of Voyagers is finally complete

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Hi there. It's been a while. · 2:22pm Oct 2nd, 2018

I realized I hadn't really posted a blog in a while and figured it was time for an update.

So, I've been working on another BCU fic which I'm trying to get done because it may kick off Phase 3 (Maybe. It depends on which one of us authors gets our story done first). After that, "Consequences" will resume in earnest and get back on schedule. I finally feel able to take this on after the 20 year friendship I mentioned elsewhere self-destructed.

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results
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