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Spike Pie season 2 Cover · 10:30pm Sep 27th, 2020

One of my favorite stories I've ever made is Spike Pie and I can't wait to make season 2, but before I can do that I need help, What kind of help you ask? help of the artist kind, I know I can just ask someone on the Art for Fanfiction group but before doing that I wanted to see if anyone who actively follows me would be interested in the gig.

Requirements - it has to be digital, and I will be asking for at least one other thing you've drawn to prove your at least passible.

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Report Silver Butcher · 148 views · #Art needed

"Metal Spike" art needed! · 6:06pm Jun 9th, 2015

Remember how I said I had the "Metal Spike" drawing finished to show how Spike looks like in "Pony Heart, Dragon Blood, body of Metal"?

An unforeseen complication has arose.

The drawing has literally gone missing! I am not kidding! I looked where I had stored my drawing and it was gone!

I spent days looking for it, even on digital files, and am having no luck whatsoever.

Thus, I am asking the viewers if they could make a drawing of "Metal Spike" as he appears in my story.

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New Snippet Up · 10:48pm Mar 11th, 2017

So I finally got around to writing a snippet that's been on my mind for the longest while, and I just bashed the whole thing out in one session.

Apparently it's long enough to be a one-shot, and here's a direct link "Empty Knight"

If I can get it some cover-art, and anyone wants to proof-read/edit for me, I may as well make it a full on stand alone.

Not bad for something that I wrote primarily out of spite.

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