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Recent Thoughts · 5:25pm Apr 25th, 2016

Aye, been quite busy. Finals coming up pretty soon. Its do or die now mates.

Anywho, here are some recent thoughts I've been having. After watching the dragon lord episode, I've been thinking of what I should do for my next chapter in ALJA. (A Long Journey Ahead).

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Julyfest · 7:19pm Jul 1st, 2015

Hello all my watchers/followers/Twinism fanatics! In honor of Independence Day this July, I shall declare for my stories to be Julyfest! Meaning every fimfiction story (except Journey of Saiyans) will be updated at least once this month!

Starting off is my newest story, 'The Sword that is the Scabbard' will be updated today as this weeks update! Edit: Updated!

(I'll be absent 2nd week for vacation with family)

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I have reasons · 10:25am Nov 8th, 2015

Hey everyone. Not sure who really will see this.
I have had reasons for my long absence from FiM
None of you really know why, but I'll explain that in a coupe seconds, depends on if you skip over this tediously boring intro and get to the juicy bits of this blog.

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updates · 10:19am Mar 3rd, 2016

Hello everyone,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there have been delays to my stories.

The next chapter of SAE - Sword Art Equestria will be delayed, I am unsure how long it will take so the story will be going on hiatus until then.

A Gamer in Equestria is still being edited but is complete this will be coming out as soon as any required changes have been made by my editor.

A Displaced Spectrobes Master is on track and you should be getting a new chapter in the coming days.

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All my stories in one document · 8:04pm Aug 13th, 2019

Don't you hate downloading stories to your e-reader? So much work.

If such is your situation, you'll be happy to know that you can access all my stories in a Single large Gdoc document.

You could also transform it into *.mp3 format and you'd have dozens of hours of listening time available.

Do with it what you will. I just wanted to make it easier.


Stories Coming Soon (Updated) · 6:53pm Oct 2nd, 2015

IWAM: Till Death Do You Part
IWAM: Love, The Most Chaotic Emotion
IWAM: The Shipping Chronicles
IWAM: My Little Screwball
IWAM: True Love Never Dies

Will You Accept Me?
I'm H-Happy If You Are
Chaos Falling In Love

Which stories are you guys most interested in? Tell me in the comments, please.


Attention Followers! · 2:18am May 17th

Hello my dear followers and readers, it is I the Great and Powerful Chief!
*Pauses for a moment for dramatic effect before breaking down laughing with tears at the corners of their eyes.*

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